Colorado Springs Hail Damage to House Paint

Posted: March 14, 2017

Colorado Springs Hailstorms How to Recognize Damage to Paint graphic

As a homeowner in Colorado Springs, you are probably well aware of our yearly battle with hail. From April to September storms accompanied by hail can cause costly damage to your home and leave it exposed to further damage down the line.

Yes, your home is built to withstand the elements, but what happens when Mother Nature decides to rain down hail?  Hail can range from the size of a dime to larger than a golf ball and can strike the sides of your house at up to 70 miles per hour and do some serious damage.

While many people think of house paint as an aesthetic feature, it is actually the unsung hero of protection for your biggest investment, your home. The paint provides protection to the wood siding and trim from rain, snow, sleet, sun, you name it. If left untreated, hail damage to paint can lead to extensive and costly repairs down the line. When the paint barrier is broken, your home is at risk for splitting, molding, and rotting wood, and depending on the severity of the damage and how long it is left untreated, the damage can work its way through to the inside of your home, causing leaks and creating a gateway for pests to find their way in.

So now you’re probably asking yourself what to do if, and when, this happens. The first step is being able to recognize that you even have damage to begin with. Read on to see how you can determine if your house has been hit by hail.

How To Recognize Hail Damage to Your House Paint:

  •  there are dings and/or dents
  •  the paint is cracking and/or chipping
  •  there is splitting and discoloration of the paint
  •  check out your surroundings; if your neighbor has hail damage, chances are you do too

While hail damage may seem obvious in some areas of your home, damage to house paint can sometimes be a little tricky to diagnose, so give Vivax Pros a call and let our hail experts take a look for you. We will look at the corners, trim, and areas near the roof line that can be hard to access.

You’ve Confirmed You Have Hail Damage, Now What?

Are you a Colorado Springs homeowner that has been affected by hail damage? Call the only painters your neighbors trust for a free paint estimate today! Vivax Pros can help you determine the severity of the damage and prepare for the process of repainting and protecting your home.

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