Need New Windows? Here’s How You Can Tell

Have you noticed your electric bill going up? Do you have the heat on during the winter but your home seems to never heat up? A lot of homeowners have this issue. The problem is easier to fix than you think. Replace your windows. It seems like a big project, but with our great phasing… Read more »

Hail Tips from Vivax Pros

When hail hits, it hits hard and fast. But sometimes it can feel like the chaos is just beginning after that storm rolls through. From cleaning up the damage, to contacting and navigating your insurance claim, it’s enough to make you sweat just thinking about it.

The Right Way to Install Windows

Our Vivax Pros Windows team believes in doing things the right way, the first time. With that in mind, we invite you to see for yourself exactly how our window installation process differs from the majority of our competition. In this video, a Milgard professional will walk you through two window install processes: the first… Read more »

How to Give Your Windows Character

If eyes are the window to the soul does that make your windows the literal windows to your home’s soul? We definitely think it does and if you’re trying to add a pop to your home but you’re not really sure how to do it, accessorizing the windows might be the solution you’ve never thought… Read more »

How to Choose Energy-Efficient Windows

With snow one day and sunshine the next, Colorado residents know the positive and negative effects windows can have on their energy bills, but with a market flooded with options finding the right energy-efficient windows for you has become a lot more confusing these days. With so many factors to consider like brand, type, efficiency,… Read more »