Hail Tips from Vivax Pros

When hail hits, it hits hard and fast. But sometimes it can feel like the chaos is just beginning after that storm rolls through. From cleaning up the damage, to contacting and navigating your insurance claim, it’s enough to make you sweat just thinking about it.

See a Roof Replaced in Under 4 Minutes!

One of our clients sent us this little treat, a little timelapse video of a roof going onto a home! With such a long process, most people only get to see bits and pieces at a time. But thanks to Ted Tripolis and his handy home security camera, we got to watch our guys work… Read more »

What to Look for When Selecting Shingles

If you are new to Colorado, you’ll realize quickly how fickle the weather here can be, and how hard it can be on your roof. The typical lifespan of a roof is anywhere between 15-30 years but with hail and wind damage, you could be looking at much more frequent roofing projects. Doing research on… Read more »

Hail Storm Windsor and Greeley Colorado

Have you inspected your roof yet? Does your siding look a little shredded? If so, please call a local and family owned company for a free inspection. Our hail insurance specialists can help you with any project regarding roofing, painting, gutters and windows. We specialize in ALL of those areas and we are 100% local… Read more »

Ice Dam – Protect Your Roof From Rain and Snow

Many home owner’s have been puzzled when they notice a consistent dripping from above on a winter day. Especially, when no snow or rain fall occurred on that particular day. So how is it possible the roof be leaking on a day on a day such as this? The reason this is possible is due to the formation of what… Read more »

Warranty and Insurance Advice from the Colorado Roofing Association

A warranty should always be in writing and the roof contractor should be able to provide you with a sample for your review before signing a contract. From start to finish, use good common sense when selecting someone to work on your home. Low bids can often mean someone is cutting corners to make a… Read more »

What is a Supplement and How do They Work?

A vast majority of roof repair insurance claims are settled with roofing contractor assistance. The reason for this is insurance assigned adjusters often not only underestimate jobs but just don’t see the full scope of damage that exists. For this reason, it benefits the homeowner for the contractor to give an actual estimate for the necessary… Read more »

What is ACV, RCV, and Depreciation?

After you file a claim, you will receive an estimate from an insurance claims adjuster of your carrier to bring the property back to the condition it was previous to the damage or loss. This is somewhat “standard” of insurance practices. However, all insurance companies are different and there are a variety of practices within… Read more »

Colorado Consumer Protection/Residential Roofing Bill

This Addresses “Concerning Measures to Protect Consumers who Engage a Roofing Contractor to Perform Roofing Services on Residential Property” … get the full report!