If eyes are the window to the soul does that make your windows the literal windows to your home’s soul? We definitely think it does and if you’re trying to add a pop to your home but you’re not really sure how to do it, accessorizing the windows might be the solution you’ve never thought of. Even though new paint and landscaping is what usually comes to mind, there are tons of ways to bring life to your home by dressing up something that often goes forgotten.  We’ve complied a list to get you started but once the creativity starts flowing to be afraid to think outside the window box.

  • Flower boxes– Window boxes made of wood or composite materials are affordable and can be painted the same color as the exterior trim of the home to tie it into the design of the home but still add that pop of color. Be sure to properly install the flower boxes along with ensuring they have proper drainage so excess water may run out.
  • Mini pergola- Consider an over the window pergola to add architectural interest to the exterior of the home. This can add details to the walls of the windows along with adding dimension around an area that would be typically flat.
  • Hanging baskets- Time to get creative! There are tons of different types of hanging baskets: plastic, woven, wooden, and the list goes on and on depending on what style or look you are going for. When it comes to choosing a size, it’s best to have a particular plant in mind so you can suit the basket to the flower.
  • Iron Grills- Iron accents provide a signature and strong architectural design element. Rust resistant coated finishing makes it a long term accent while still proving to be affordable. Iron grills can be simple and be vertical or horizontal bars or if you are looking for something more eccentric you can create a custom design.
  • Shutters- Shutter size is the most important thing to consider. Window shutters should be sized to to cover the whole window. Shutters come in various materials, styles, and you can always paint the shutters to complement the home and even match the front door. Don’t feel you have to put shutters on every window. It’s better to have some windows without shutters than to put them on windows that are too wide for them.

These are just a few suggestions and ideas but the possibilities are endless for your home’s windows. A great place to start is to determine what style your home is and how your personal style can help to accentuate what’s already there. The most important thing is to find a styles that are cohesive and compliment your home so as to achieve a look that seems natural.