While other home improvement companies may see “cutting corners” as an industry norm, Vivax Pros differentiates from the competition by raising the bar on industry standards through our un-matched customer service for your paint projects. Vivax Pros “all hands on deck” approach makes the process thorough and seamless for our Homeowners.  Our customer service starts with our Project Qualification Team.

As a first point of contact, our PQs become a dedicated resource for our Homeowners by gaining the best information from the Homeowner to pass along to our Project Planners and ensure the estimate experience is customized to that Homeowner.  That information is also used to determine if a partnership between the Homeowner and the Vivax Pros team makes sense.

Our Project Qualifiers become subject matter experts in the paint industry through education and training around processes, timelines, and seasonality.  Each PQ is asking relevant questions and outlining the entire process/estimate with the Homeowner so there is full transparency on what Vivax Pros is able to provide. This also ensures we can address any initial questions or areas of concern up front. Our Project Qualifiers work to get the best information from the Homeowner so that our clients are confident in our product, our work, and the overall partnership.

Below is a list of potential questions our PQs may ask and address during the initial phone conversation:

  • When was the home built?
  • When was the home last painted?
  • Are there any damages to the home you are aware of?
  • Who will be involved in decisions made during the process?
  • What is your vision/goal for your home?
  • What is the timeframe to have the project completed?
  • What is the scope of work, i.e, what do envision being painted (entire home, any other buildings in addition to the home, etc)?

Choosing a home improvement company can be daunting for a Homeowner, and Vivax Pros understands this is one of the largest investments you will make on your home.   As a customer service company that happens to be great at paint, we have built a team and process that is dedicated to getting the best information to save time and money and make your vision of your home a reality. Our extensive time and experience in the home improvement paint industry has helped us understand that cutting corners and overlooking qualifying questions can leave room for miscommunication, errors, and inaccurate information. This can lead to customers losing confidence that the company cares specifically about them and their vision. Our goal is to be the most referred paint company in the industry. Vivax Pros has committed to becoming your partner in this process by offering un-matched customer service for your paint projects.

The Vivax Pros Marketing Team is ready to start planning your home improvement paint project – book your free estimate with Vivax Pros today!