You’ve just moved into your first home and you’re deciding on that perfect “eye catching” color combination. Or let’s say you’ve received an HOA letter in the mail, and now the painting project is top priority. It’s time for a fresh, new look and you’re unsure of where to go next.  

Let us help you!  

Vivax Pros is here to ease you into the house painting process with our no obligation, free paint estimate! This is not just a quote- but the first step in identifying the true needs of your home.  Whether this is a top priority project or something you’ve been considering for a few months; we are here to provide that helpful perspective you’ve been searching for. Here are a few important things to consider:  

What is an “Estimate”? 

Our Project Planners will calculate the total cost of your project based on the square footage and (if necessary), the potential average cost of repairing/replacing woodwork on your home. The true value of the estimate is the ability to discuss what might be a top priority when it comes to your home. If it’s that nail head popping out you want fixed, or another opinion on which colors look best on your home, we want to know about it! Vivax Pros asks for an hour out of your day to help us better understand your vision; to then paint your home the best way possible! 

What is a “Project Planner”?  

Our Vivax Pros Project Planners are trained and certified in all things regarding exterior house painting. Each team member is equipped to catch even the slightest of damages or wear on your home. Our experts personalize your estimate based on your individual needs. After an extensive training process, we can assure you that you’re in great hands! Our Project Planners are here to help you feel informed and confident in moving to the next step of your house painting process! 

Is Vivax Pros Reputable? 

We have worked with over 41,000 satisfied customers in Colorado since beginning our work nearly 17 years ago! We are confident in our work and would love for you to check out other homeowners’ experiences on our Google Reviews page. Our goal is to amaze you with our customer service. When we say, “Totally free, no obligations.” we mean it! By asking for an hour of your time for this estimate, you have given us the opportunity to show our culture, passion, and appreciation for beautifying your home through this estimate. For that we thank you!