As 2020 is winding down you may still have a list of home projects that you have not had a chance to complete before the snow flies. To protect one of your biggest investments (your home) it is important to understand paint seasonality and wood rot and add getting a paint and woodwork estimate to that list. Our wet and cold Colorado winters can lead to additional exterior rot and decay on your siding/panels and if left untreated it can result in costly repairs. Don’t take a chance on more damage to your home this winter. We still have some availability this year to schedule a free estimate with a Vivax Pros Project Planner.


A common misconception about house painting is that contractors only work during warm months because no one wants to be on a ladder or on a roof in 10 degree weather.  What many homeowners don’t know is that there is actual science behind the seasonality:


Paint reacts to temperature and sudden fluctuations in temperature (day to night) will impact the paints ability to “cure” (process in which paint is fully hardened) properly.  This can lead to cracking/peeling on the surface of the home.

Clear vs rainy/snowy days:

Painting an exterior of a house on a sunny day is ideal and not just to build up your tan.  Contractors keep a close eye on the weather and will plan around rainy forecasts to ensure that the exterior of the home is fully dried out before starting the project.  This gives the home the best opportunity to cure properly.

To ensure that Vivax Pros is going above and beyond industry standards to make sure your house is a Vivax Pros home, we will re-caulk the entire home, including where trim meets trim, siding meets trim, and any cracks and holes as well as caulk any nail heads, which is one of the most important prep steps.  Our crews are committed to sealing your house so there is no additional damage.

Because exterior painting is more successful in warmer months, getting an estimate as soon as possible is imperative when timing your project.  If you have been considering a paint project, now is the time to begin the process of getting an estimate.  Vivax Pros Exterior Painting Teams typically book out projects anywhere from two weeks to a month, and with more homeowners working to make their house a Vivax Pros Home before 2021 it’s essential to book your free estimate with one of our Project Planners now!