Written By Paul M

There’s an old saying in Colorado that if you don’t like the weather here, just wait ten minutes. Thus far, 2023 has certainly borne that out: record rainfall in June. Mid-day sunshine giving way to crackling thunder, lightning and monsoons. And in July, residents of Highlands Ranch even weathered a rare tornado, which descended on the town “cloaked in sheets of rain and hail.” 

Such dramatic extremes in the weather are sure to give home-owners pause when they consider how best to protect their homes. How do you defend against the mercurial whims of Mother Nature while juggling all your other responsibilities? Here at Vivax Paint Pros, we take none of those concerns for granted, and work directly with home-owners to create individualized protection plans that are right for them. From our above-industry-standard prep process to our no-exception warranties, the Vivax team works tirelessly to live up to our motto “Good is not good enough.” Here are some of the ways we’re working to give home-owners peace of mind in an unpredictable climate. 

Project Planner Consultations

Long-time Coloradians may well be versed in the tendency of piled snow to penetrate siding and wooden trim around their homes; not to mention the ultraviolet light that fades paint more quickly than in areas closer to sea level. However, having one of our experts out to inspect the home can be a highly informative experience for both long-time locals and first-time home-owners. Signs of rotting or warping along fascia, window trim, porches, and decks may only first begin to appear after the snow thaws. Our project planners are trained to detect these problems before they snowball, and present home-owners fair prices on board replacement and carpentry ahead of the painting process. The experts at Vivax take pride in explaining our production philosophy in a way that puts home-owners in a position to make the best informed decision about the future of their homes. 

The Highest Quality Paint and the Best Prep Process

Vivax Pros uses Sherwin-Williams’ two highest-rated paints, Latitude and Duration. Designed to seal out moisture and endure extreme sunshine and temperature changes, the strength of these paints as a protective coating is one of the major reasons we are able to offer six, nine, and fourteen year warranties on our work. But before we even pop the lids on a single can, the home will be power-washed and prepped. The bottom rows of siding are thoroughly scraped around the home to ensure a uniform surface for painting. We’ll seal and caulk every edge and corner of siding, pounding in all nailheads to eliminate the risk of moisture seeping in. In the case of rusted or damaged nails, we’ll replace them with new screws so you can be confident in the continued integrity of your home’s siding and trim. All of this work on the front-end of the process ensures maximum protection that will stand the test of time, in pouring thunderstorms or freezing blizzards alike. 

Production and Warranty

Once the home has been masked and protected with drop-cloths, painting begins. Uniform application of the paint is key to providing resilience against the elements. Your project manager oversees the entire process and ensures complete home-owner satisfaction before the job is considered done. Now that your home is under warranty with Vivax, you can rest easy knowing you can have the professionals come out to deal with any unexpected threats to the home caused by severe weather. If the orientation of the home causes snow to pile up on one side and increased sun exposure on the other, we’ll send one of our experts out to address the issue. And if older boards start to show signs of warping or moisture damage, we’ll help home-owners make plans for repair and protection with our in-house carpentry team. 

A Vivax Home Whatever the Weather 

While the sun, rain and hail will likely continue their unpredictable dance late into the Colorado summer, one thing that home-owners can count on is that Vivax Pros will continue to uphold our commitments no matter the weather. While other companies are seeking to cut costs, Vivax has added staff to its warranty department to make sure we’re able to honor our promises, no exceptions. So you can rest easy knowing Vivax is there– just don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and umbrella next time you’re headed for a picnic at the park.