Like many other home improvement companies, March is a time where Vivax starts putting on their gear and rolling up their sleeves for the start of the Spring and Summer seasons.  While it may seem like a strange time to start preparing for your home improvement projects (Isn’t that snow we are seeing outside the window?), it is incredibly important to plan these kinds of jobs as far in advance as possible.  Don’t believe us?  Let’s walk through it together! 

  1. Find the right company to tackle a renovation 

As with any large-scale project, home improvement takes some serious planning, and the very first thing you should be considering is which company is best suited for YOUR home. Most of us know what it is like to work with an unreliable contractor, so save yourself from having a renovation horror story to tell and do a little bit of homework upfront before your project even begins!  From price, to reputation, to the overall feeling you get when you work with a particular group, there is a lot to consider.  Usually, that means gathering multiple estimates, which of course takes time!  We always recommend trying out a few different companies, even for paint projects.  

Although we want to earn your business, part of that process means ensuring that we are a good fit for you. The questions you should be asking should always include, “What certifications do you carry?” “What do your warranties look like?” “When do you ask for payment?” “How long have you been doing business, and how many homes have you worked on in my area?” and, possibly most important, “What happens if I am not happy with the work?”  These kinds of questions will help you weed out the reputable companies from the ones that over-promise and under-deliver. 

  1. Book your job before there is limited availability  

Many home improvement companies get booked out far in advance when their season starts.  Especially if you have a time-sensitive issue like an HOA letter, extensive damage that will get worse, a big move coming up, or planned vacations, it is vital that you start planning that project as early as you can! That gives you the ability to make sure any important dates are respected when scheduling and that you’re not missing your window of opportunity.  At Vivax, we tend to see our first month or two of production fill up before we even pick up our first paintbrush of the year. 

  1.  Plan out your budget for the project with more accuracy  

Along that same vein, we know that any large project is going to cost you some cash, and for most of us, that means planning our budgets to make sure everything can get taken care of without causing too much strain.  Even if you are taking advantage of financing options for your renovation, it is still important to have those numbers in front of you as soon as you can have them.  A high quality, reputable company will usually allow for early bids to make sure of just that, and will honor your estimates as long as they are in season. At Vivax Pros, we believe every homeowner that gets an estimate should be able to hold onto that price for the run of the paint season. This allows you to take any discounts we are able to offer at the time into account and work within your timeline. 

Something else to keep in mind is to find out what kind of warranties your home improvement project may benefit from. This is something we tell our homeowners constantly; living here in Colorado comes with many wonderful perks, but it can be less than ideal that the weather extremes here do a number on your home. From hail damage to sun-fade, flooding yards to icicles as big as your torso, every season brings unique challenges to maintaining your home’s exterior.  Getting ahead of it in the milder springtime might mean that, if a hail storm messes with your day, you can give your home improvement company a call and have them come fix it right away instead of tackling a bigger, more costly, and more involved projects later on!   Do not let expensive damage to your woodwork take away from your vacation account!  Instead, get on top of your project and know that it is out of the way and handled before the changeable weather wreaks havoc on your plans. 

  1. Set a clear goal for your project and get clear guidance for every step before you even begin 

Get your project started off on the right foot by asking yourself this one question; “What is most important to me about this project?”. One of the best things about starting your planning early can be that you can get some of those answers figured out at the get go, and get really clear guidance that is not rushed.  You can tackle the big questions early on so nothing gets missed, which gives you a chance to work with your home improvement company to set clear intentions.  This allows a homeowner to really make sure their needs are being met and explains HOW a contractor will meet those needs.  If done right, everyone involved has a chance to outline each step well in advance and make any necessary changes before it is too late.  One of our favorite things about working as a community business is that we can take these concerns off of our clients’ hands, and really make the process quick and easy! 

  1. Getting HOA approval 

Live in an HOA neighborhood?  For exterior projects, the approval process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, and you don’t want to be stuck sitting on your project once you are ready to get moving.  Most home improvement companies have a lot of experience navigating that world and can even help give you some guidance on how to keep that process running smoothly!  Do not wait until the last minute, especially while HOAs are not able to meet in person regularly.  Keep those estimates handy in your back pocket so that when the time comes, you’re ready to go. 

Home improvement projects can be a lot to plan for, but with the right company on your side, it doesn’t have to be a pain!  Start planning for your home improvement project early, and be rewarded with a stress-free project that looks amazing! If you’re considering painting, make sure you click that tab to the right to get a free estimate. We’re ready to help get your project underway!