Painting season is over but it doesn’t mean the planning is. Spring time seems like a great time to get the paint estimates started and get the ball rolling but it’s actually too late to accomodate your timeline by then. We start scheduling during the winter months so that way homeowners can get a head start. Why should you get an estimate during the off season?

  1. Discounts

During our down season we offer some of our best end of season specials. It might seem like a burden to get the estimate now but it’s a smart way to take advantage of the deals going on. Historically speaking, pricing on materials typically goes up after the new year which means prices in general across the industry go up as well. If you’re not quite ready to paint this year but know it’s something to come, lock in the price in as little at 45 minutes to make sure you have the price you want for next year.

  1. Book Your Spot

Thinking you’d like to paint in the spring instead of winter? No problem, we don’t paint in the winter because it won’t give you a good end result. We do however do estimates during the winter to help you prepare. Other than the benefit of saving money, it helps you save a spot for next year. In the winter time, homeowners are already calling us looking for estimates and booking spots to start painting next year. On top of that, the Denver Home Show starts in the springtime. So if your timeframe is to paint in the spring, you should be getting your estimate in the winter

  1. It’s Free

The estimate itself is so easy to get. Our skilled project planners come to your home, talk to you about your project and give you a bid on the spot. That whole process take about 45 minutes – 1 hour. There are evening appointments, weekend spots and 7 day availability. The estimate is completely free so we only ask that you be there for the estimate. From there, it’s completely up to you how you’d like to move forward.

Our main priority is to help and prepare you with your projects. We want to give you the best deals possible and be there for you to plan your projects. Home improvement projects can be stressful and take time to plan, that why we lend a helping hand through all of that.