Why it’s important?

A paint job will only be as good as its prep. Arguably the most important part of the prep process is replacing any damaged or rotten boards before applying paint. This is why when you paint with Vivax, we provide professional Project Planner to assess and address all areas on your home. This will be a personalized experience for each client that we have the opportunity to serve. This allows each home we work on the best outcome and ultimately allows for the paint to look better longer!  

When it’s time to replace:

  1. If a crack on the board has compromised its integrity. 
  2. If the color of the wood underneath the paint is visible and is dark brown or black in appearance, then this usually is a sign that the material is damaged and rotten. 
  3. If the wood or trim is spongy and soft to the touch. 
  4. If any boards have pieces missing from it. 
  5. If the siding or trim is peeling away from the surface.

Common Reasons for Wood Damage

  1. The age of the material on the home
  2. Failure of or incomplete caulking.
  3. The failure of caulking or improper application 
  4. Failure to keep up with the maintenance of the home, i.e. painting and repairing caulk. 
  5. Moisture seeping in from seams near old windows or doors. 
  6. Snow building up against the side of a home or building up against siding on the roof. 
  7. Water from sprinklers either hitting the home or causing water to splash against it.  
  8. Plants growing onto/into the exterior trim and allowing water to enter. 
  9. Failing gutters from either rust, aging, or having no gutters at all to prevent water from damaging the siding. 
  10. Improperly sealed/flashed roofs or windows and door 
  11. Pets/Animals/Pests 

*In Dallas, water damage to siding and trim occur from the humidity and heavy rainfall; especially in the Spring. Mildew buildup can be a sign of the beginning stages of wood damages on the home.
*Deteriorated or rotten siding and trim must be replaced for the Vivax Pros warranty to be valid. That specific area cannot not be covered if the boards are not replaced.