Exterior House Painting Workmanship Warranty

“When I created this warranty, I wanted to have the best warranty in any industry. We have never denied a warranty claim in over 20 Years, and never will! We are warranting our relationship with you, our valued client.”  — Jeremiah T. Owen, Founder and President 

All of our paint warranties include correcting any problem with the material or workmanship that may occur during your warranty. We will repair affected areas at zero cost to you. We stand behind our paint jobs, because our reputation depends on it. You choose the duration of your warranty.

Common things our warranty’s cover that most of our competition doesn’t (these are probably the most important things due to the Dallas climate):

  • Material Cost (seems obvious, but take a close look at the fine print of other warranties) 
  • Labor Cost (this is another thing that should always covered by a warranty) 
  • Wood Windows (we know that these require a lot of maintenance, we’ll be there when they do) 
  • Horizontal Surfaces Where Rain Water and Moisture Sits!  
  • Where Siding Meets Roofline (again snow sits here which is why this is one of the first areas paint breaks down) 
  • Bottom 3 Siding Boards on the Home (do your sprinklers hit these?) 
  • Blotchy Fading/Discoloration 
  • Caulking Cracks (when a house settles, caulking can become an issue, we warranty this!) 

Our warranties are the best in the painting industry, maybe any industry for that matter! You get to choose the duration of your warranty.