Wood Replacement

  • A critical part of any paint job is the prep. Replacing damaged or failing wood or siding has a direct correlation with the lifespan of a paint job. Vivax has an experienced in-house carpentry team that can tackle your wood or siding replacement needs. No need to call different contractors. With Vivax, you can have a great experience with a team that can tackle all of your needs before and during your paint job, all under one roof. This is a critical part of our process and allows us to offer warranties that cannot be matched.  
  • We replace most siding, including Hard Boards, MDF, Pro-trim, and others. 
  • We can handle any type of failing board including rot, water damage, hail and more. 

Why Choose Vivax For Your Wood Replacement?

  • Each siding project comes with a personal Woodwork Manager, who will be there to walk you through our processes and answer any questions you may have.
  • We replace most types of siding, up to two full sides of a home.
  • We warranty our work along with Paint with our 3-, 6-, and 9-year warranties. And warranty our gutters for 3 years.

Have questions? Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us for additional information!

Our Process:

  • After committing to do business with us, you will have a walk-thru with your personal woodwork manager. 
  • The detail orientated woodwork manager will verify everything that needs to be replaced. 
  • They will then send a work order to our dependable woodwork crews 
  • Each project is different, but a wood replacement job generally takes less than a day and is done in tandem with your painting project.  
  • Once the job is completed, we’ll schedule a final walk-thru with your woodwork manager to make sure you are satisfied with the completed project. 


  • We make our own 5” and 6” seamless gutters and can install gutters guards and screens.  
  • We offer a warranty on our gutter projects for 3 years. 
  • Properly installed gutters will help protect your siding and more from water damage. 
  • Pre-colored gutters available.