What’s the best method for applying paint and which method does Vivax prefer? 

  • Our preferred method in order to achieve an even and thick coat of paint is to spray the home. Of course we can chat about this further and if you are set on another application method, we can accommodate. Or if the surface type requires  brush and roll application, (cedar siding, stucco, or rough surfaces we will do that of course. All trim is usually done with brush and back roll. 
  • If you hear the term, Spray and Back Roll, that’s when paint is applied with a sprayer first, then while the paint is still wet use a roller to work the paint into the rough surface. This technique takes a lot more time and tends to cost more due to how intensive this can be. 

What’s the ideal weather to paint your house? It can get cold here in the Winter in Dallas and very hot in the Summer. 

  • Paint specs require temperature to be at least 40° (or above) and stay above freezing for 6 hours. This ensures the paint will be applied properly and stay on. 
  • Certain products are available for painting in temperatures as low as 38°, but we prefer the weather to be a little bit warmer for a reliable and long-lasting paint job. 
  • As far as the heat goes, there are very few instances where it is too hot to apply paint. What our painters will typically do to avoid painting on surfaces that are too warm, is stay on the shaded parts of the home and work around it methodically. Also starting before temps get too hot will be advantageous too.  

What if it rains or storms between the pressure wash and my start date? 

  • That will not affect the light wash we do during a pressure wash. If there is any debris on the home, our painters will use rags while prepping the house to wipe it off.  

What is the purpose of the pressure wash? 

  • The goal is to rinse away chalky residue, remove dust, mildew and loose paint. If the washer happens to miss something or could not reach something on the house during the prep time, the painters will wipe down the house removing all cobwebs, nests, etc. No one needs to be home for the pressure wash; we only need access to your back yard and to your water spigot. Do not expect an intensive or hard wash as we’re trying to avoid damaging the siding.  

What kind of caulk do you use? 

  • Commercial Grade Urethane Elastomeric. This allows for slight expansion and contracts of the joints of the home when temperatures switch from cold to hot.  

What is included in the Prep Work? 

  • Wipe down house with rag removing any spider/cob webs, hornet nests, etc.
  • Drop cloth areas around the home to avoid a mess
  • Caulk holes, cracks, seams, siding, windows and seal up the house. 
  • Tape off windows, scrape and prime all areas where needed. 
  • Mask areas of the home where paint should not go.  

How long does it take to paint my house? 

  • Most of our projects take between 2-3 days. Of course there are some that will take longer. Your Project Planner and/or Manager will let you know specifics pertinent to your specific project.  

What type of finish do you typically use on Exterior paint? 

  • Satin or Egg Shell 

What brand of paint do you use? 

  • Sherwin Williams Limited Lifetime Paint Products. Our dedication to using the best materials in the industry is something we’re very committed to. It allows us to provide you with the best workmanship warranty in the house painting industry. *Damages that can be covered by insurance are not covered under our warranty. (hail, fire, etc.) 

Can I use my discount for Sherwin Williams that my HOA provides? 

  • No, those won’t be necessary. We have exclusive pricing with Sherwin that allows our customers to take advantage of, which are better than any other discounts available.  

Can you take my shutters off before painting? 

  • In most cases the shutters will be taken off the house to paint EXCEPT if they are in bad shape.  

Can you paint my house while I am out of town? 

  • We absolutely can. We do need you there for the initial walk around BEFORE painting though.  At this walk around, we’ll confirm the details of the house painting project. Once you return, the Project Manager will coordinate a final inspection with you to ensure everything is up to your satisfaction, then discuss payment. 

How do you paint the front door if I am out of town? 

  • The weather stripping can be taken off before you leave. Our painters can take care of the inside edge of the door OR Vivax Pros can wait until you return to finish up/ complete touch-ups then. 

Is the Vivax warranty transferrable? 

  • Yes, as long as the warranty is transferred within the first year of us painting, even if there are different homeowners. 

Can you provide references of past houses you have painted? 

  • Of course! 
  • Another tool you can use is our In-Your-Area page. That’s where you can see home we’ve painted near you.   
  • If you want more information or references, please email us at info@vivaxpros.com 

Can you provide documentation of Vivax Pros’ insurance? 

  • Vivax Pros is Insured with a $2 million in Liability and Workers Compensation.  

Do you use Oil Base Primer? 

  • We use water base primer but will use an oil base if needed to prevent bleed through. Or on surfaces that would require oil based primer. 

Do I pay the wood replacement crew separately from Vivax Pro Painting? 

  • Vivax Pros will collect all aspects of the project at the end of the job when you are satisfied at the end.  

Do you have referrals for other types of home improvement services 

  • We most likely do! Reach out to the office (info@vivaxpros.com) or your Project Planner to find out. 

What types of payments do you accept? 

  • We accept checks, cash and all major credit cards. Payments can be sent to:

    Vivax Pros
    1750 Briercroft Ct. Ste 108,
    Carrollton, TX 75006 

Can I match my existing paint color(s)? 

  • We can help with this at the estimate. Typically matching to a faded or old paint color isn’t ideal so best practice would be to find comparable colors. 
  • Other ways to find out what the existing colors are on your home: 
  • Look for old paint cans. A color name or code or formula on the paint can. If not take the can to the nearest Sherwin Williams store and have them match it for you. 
  • You can contact your HOA to see if they have colors on file. 
  • You can contact the builders to see if they have colors on file. 
  • Take a paint chip off the siding, trim and accent and take to the Sherwin Williams paint store and they can match it for you. OR if you are having wood replacement take an actual piece of siding or trim to the store for match. Sherwin-Williams Store Locator. 
  • If none of the above options work for you, might be best to go to a local Sherwin Williams store and grab a few color chips/samples to take home and try to match. 

NOTE* Keep in mind that your existing paint color may have slightly faded due to time, sun, and the harsh elements due to the Dallas climate. What technique do you use to paint? (Spray or Brush & Back Roll)