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Denver Jobs at Vivax Pros – Paint, Roof, Windows and Deck Builds


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If you are looking to join a company that you can grow with as fast as we grow, you’re looking in the right place! We are proud to have been named one of the Denver Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Companies (4 years running). We are, and will continue to be a company that people desire to work with. We grow from within and produce talented managers and employees who go on to do great things with Vivax Pros and in the community.

At Vivax Pros, we have opportunities in many different fields. It’s important to note we are a customer service company providing amazing home service. It just so happens to be in the home improvement industry!


-Whether it’s lead generation, office support and appointment setting, social media management or fundraising we have a wide variety of positions in the marketing department. With a goal of “Providing Amazing Home Service”, it’s our job to make sure our communities know who we are and what we stand for.

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Sales/Project Planning


-Our project planners are experts on the whole painting process. The estimates we do at Vivax Pros are thorough and done with the utmost integrity. We are looking to form lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients and potential clients. When you get an estimate from Vivax Pros, we are also educating on what it takes to paint a house efficiently and professionally.

For inquiries related to Sales/Project Planning, please email


Project Coordination

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-At Vivax Pros, we help our clients through the entire process. The departments are specialized to ensure an efficient and streamline experience. For project coordination, this includes working with homeowner associations, finalizing colors, scheduling and expectation setting for the project. The coordinators are experts in making sure the homeowner is ready home improvements.

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Carpentry, Gutter Production and Deck Builds

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-This department is tasked with replacing rotten or damaged trim, siding, soffit, fascia, etc. on the exterior of homes. This position requires a high level of communication, quality and efficiency. We work on approximately 60 homes a week all over the Denver metro area. Attention to detail, customer service and excellent carpentry skills are what it takes to be successful!

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Project Management

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-This team delivers on all the promises set by our project planners. Walk every job with the homeowner beforehand to ensure we are on the same page. Then it’s the project manager’s job to make sure the project goes smoothly and we are able to over deliver on expectations. Quality, customer service and cleanliness are what makes our paint jobs stand out. After that, it’s the signed warranty form delivered upon completion of the job for the homeowner to keep. We improve homes with: Pride, Perfection, Integrity and Enthusiasm.

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