Warranty / VIP Careers

If providing an amazing customer experience and problem solving with an awesome team of people gets you fired up, then a spot on the Vivax VIP/Warranty team may be a great fit for you!

Our business is making sure that we are following through on our warranty and providing the best customer service to our past and present clients. This team has several entry point roles with fast-track opportunities:

Warranty Assistant- Main tasks include performing the warranty painting repairs as needed by client, includes ladder work, custom color matching, prep and clean up, crew assistance.

Warranty Manager- Successful Warranty Assistants can quickly advance their career to Warranty Manager within 4-6 months of amazing performance. Warranty Managers are responsible for client and crew management and interfacing, problem solving, and resolving claims in a timely manner.

Service Tech- This support role splits their time between servicing clients on the windows side of the business, along with the warranty side. Tasks include re-screening, glazing bead measurements and installation, light touch up painting, and any other task as needed by the 2 teams!

VIP Client Specialist- The Client Specialist is the hub of communication and coordination for all of our warranty and VIP clients. At any given point, this person will be answering phones, coordinating calendars, going on-site to do estimates/walk through, trouble-shooting issues with jobs, and generally providing insight and support to the field team.

For any role on the Warranty/VIP team, you MUST possess:

  • Cheerful and engaging personality
  • Some innate salesmanship
  • Excellent communication skills and problem solving
  • Punctuality and reliability
  • A drive for growth in all aspects of life
  • Pride in your work and efforts
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