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Our Warranty Assistants manage all tasks including painting repairs, custom color matching, paint prep and clean up, and crew assistance.

Once a Warranty Assistant has demonstrated success in their role, they can quickly advance their career to a Warranty Manager within 4-6 months.  Warranty Managers responsibilities include interfacing and management of both crews and clients, problem solving, and resolving claims in a timely manner.

Vivax Pros is committed to developing our team professionally and personally.  This starts with ongoing training and mentorship from a leadership team that began their journey with Vivax Pros in the same role.  The character of the organization is built on internal team partnerships and a desire to watch Vivax Pros continue to be a leader in the home improvement industry.  We also have a lot of fun together attending Happy Hours, Rockies games, and the occasional team barbeque.

If you are looking to not only grow in a career but also be an integral part of a company’s success, check out our Warranty roles.

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