The Vivax Roofing Process

6 Steps to a Reliable Roof graphic

Steps to the Most Dependable Asphalt Roof System – We Manage The Job So You Don’t Have To

Estimate / Inspection

  • Meet with Vivax Project Planner/Roofing Specialist
  • Discuss project details and expectations
  • Project Planner conducts Inspection and presents detailed estimate
  • Authorize agreement form

Product / Colors

  • Select Asphalt Shingle Style
  • Choose Shingle/Metal Colors
  • Submit HOA Form for approval
  • Provide Project Planner with Insurance Loss Sheet ( If Insurance Claim is applicable)


  • Project Manager introduction call
  • Set date expectations for material delivery
  • Discuss Project start date
  • Expect confirmation email with timeframe details

How to Prepare

  • Submit roofing contract, insurance check and necessary paperwork to mortgage company (If insurance claim is applicable)
  • Secure pets, close windows, clear off decks,patios & porches
  • Move vehicles from driveway and garage
  • Please remember this is construction and a major renovation to your home, Installation will be loud and somewhat dirty. However, we will treat your home with the outmost respect – We use roll away dumpsters to protect your driveway, Roll magnets to capture nails, We will also cover & protect any landscaping.

Day of Installation

  • Meet with your Project Manager and Vivax Pro roofing Crew
  • Confirm Project Details, Warranty, Product & Color Selections
  • Discuss your Project Timeline
  • Provide Start Check or ACV Check ( If Insurance Claim is applicable)

Roofing System Installation Process

  • Remove and dispose of existing shingles and roofing components
  • Inspect roof decking / Dry In decking with new felt & underlayment
  • Install new Shingles, Install new Drip & Rake Metals
  • Remove and Replace all Vents and Pipe Jacks

Final Roof Inspection and Payment

  • Project Manager schedules final inspection with Homeowner and City/County Inspector
  • Final Walkthrough with Homeowner
  • Project Manager authorizes Vivax 25 YR Workmanship Warranty

A roof is a waterproof barrier that protects peoples homes from the elements. A roof can be made from asphalt, metal, concrete, plastic or rubber.  90 percent of the homes we service are different grades of asphalt. A leak in a roof can cause thousands of dollars in damage within minutes of a hard rain storm. Typically the longer a leak continues before getting fixed the worse it will get. A roof leak can cause damage to drywall, flooring, trim electrical work and framing. Also it could damage any personal property in the area. Basically everything and everything. This is why quality and workmanship is extremely important during a roof install.