Gutter Replacement

Old gutter with crack

Typical Leaking Gutter We See on Houses in the Denver Area. This gutter system needs to be replaced along with the fascia. Leaking gutters lead to bigger and more expensive problems on the house.

The gutter system on your home can be a silent, yet very important, player in keeping water away from your siding and foundation. Generally, gutter systems need to be replaced every 10-15 years. This cost effective and easy service will help keep your home protected from water damage and usually takes between 1-2 days from beginning to end.

Why Replace Gutters?

Gutters help protect everything from the foundation of your home, to the structure, siding, and paint. Damaged and leaking gutters can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. With relatively little up front cost you can ensure your home stays in great shape for years to come.

We offer an industry leading 6- year workmanship and 20-year material warranty on all of our installations.

We don’t repair your gutters because this is a temporary fix that will break down and potentially cause greater issues down the road. We want to give you the best possible product to ensure the continued protection of your home.

Gutter Replacement Process:

  1. A professional estimator will come to your home and walk you through the estimate process and make recommendations on your downspout locations, extension placement, and proper slope of your gutters. Vivax Pros will present a bid to you at the scheduled estimate.
  2. During your estimate you will choose the color of your new gutters, downspouts and extensions.
  3. Your gutter installation will then be scheduled by our small jobs division.
  4. By the Friday before your installation date you will receive a call from your gutter manager to schedule an initial walkthrough. We will ensure we have all the details needed to successfully complete your gutter installation. At this time a date will be set for our skilled installers to complete the gutter installation.
  5. Our professional and skilled gutter team will begin by removing your existing gutter system and look for any potential issues that should be brought to your attention. They will then install any flashing along the eaves that may be missing and install and seal your new gutter system.
  6. A thorough cleanup of your home will wrap up the gutter installation and ensure no nails or debris is left in your yard or driveway. Vivax Pros will make this process easy the whole way through.
White, Blue and Tan Gutters with Zip Hinges

We use zip hinges on all of our downspout extensions. These are more durable and stable than traditional downspout extension installations.

Piece of Gutter with Gutter Hanger for demostration

We only use the best and strongest concealed gutter hangers to ensure our installations hold up to snow and ice.

Vivax Pros and Seamless Gutters offer 5″ and 6″ systems. Available in pre-primed white or a variety of stock colors to outfit your home and suit your needs.

We also offer a top of the line Leaf Guard accessory that fits snugly to the opening of your gutters to keep debris and foliage from collecting and clogging your gutters.

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