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In the 10 years we’ve been in business, the Highlands Ranch community has been great to Vivax. We’ve produced lots of  beautiful projects, formed some incredible relationships and hopefully made an impact on your community! We just finished up our 7th HRCA Home Expo at the Eastridge Rec Center and it was awesome. So many repeat clients came by to tell us about their experience with Vivax and how their paint job still looks great today. They were rewarded with a Vivax t-shirt… who can’t use an extra shirt for around the house. On the backs of those shirts it says “I work for Referrals” in red print. And because of the tight-knit HR community, we have received many referrals from there.

If you live in Highlands Ranch, see what we’re all about. Vivax works with the same core values as we did 10 years ago: pride, perfection, integrity and enthusiasm.

If you aren’t 100% convinced, check out all the houses we’ve worked with in your area (above). I promise we’ve worked for some of your neighbors!!!

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