Golden Rule for Pressure Washing

Rinse the house. Get rid of everything that shouldn’t be on a house! For the paint to adhere to the surface and really soak in, the siding/wood needs to be clean.

Golden Rule for Prepping:

All about sealing the surfaces (Exterior) and protecting the areas where you don’t want paint (Interior)

Golden Rule for Picking the Right Paint:

You’re actually not going to want to skimp on this. Use one of the top-tier products (any of major brands). Examples would be the Kwal- Ambassador or Liquid Vinyl which have higher acrylic content. This creates a harder finish which results in a more water proof seal. It also builds sheen which prevents fading. Components of the products are ground much finer which creates a tighter bond resistant to weathering.

Another good indicator is to pick a regional paint specific to your weather. Kwal started in Colorado for the diverse and interesting client and continues to be a great product for the Colorado climate.