It’s not easy being green! But we are trying our best. All of us are pretty proud to live in this awesome state. The environment is a huge priority and keeping our natural habitats intact is a huge priority! And most people don’t think about painting or painters when they think of the environment. We do!

When you begin the search for a house painter it is not only important to find a company you’re comfortable with and reputable but also one that cares about your home and the community WE live in. Vivax Pro believes in the importance of being environmentally conscious and taking the necessary steps to insure the communities we serve remain beautiful. In our goal to make your house a Vivax home we also strive to be an active member of your community. We are able to do this by recycling what we can (Last month we had over 340 lbs of recycling!), making sure we leave each job site spotless each and every day, and by disposing of the materials we use properly. Vivax is also committed to low (or no) VOC products. We love the communities we service, they are the communities we live in and we are dedicated in our desire to be a green painter you can trust.

Below is a link to review our recycling report. As a company, Vivax is very proud to be doing our part for the health of our community. Our next challenge is improving these numbers.