Here at Vivax, we believe that the first step to fixing a problem, is learning about it.  We take great pride in our work and although it may sound silly, we find that a thorough knowledge of products, processes and our client’s needs have allowed us to be successful.  Likewise, we make it our job to ensure our clients are fully informed when it comes to our process and products.  Whether it is paint, gutters or solar,  it’s our goal to leave each homeowner with a thorough understanding of how to best protect and beautify their home.  With that in mind, over the next few weeks, we will be giving homeowners the tips and tools they need to feel confident about their home improvement projects and act quickly when they notice something failing on their home.

1.  Chipping under the side boards
This is where it all starts, folks. Take a walk around your house. Take a look at the underside of the wood boards along your home. If there are small speckled pieces of paint hanging along the bottom edges, then it’s time to start thinking about paint. It is unlikely that your HOA or other neighbors would notice such a detail on your home. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for it yourself. By spotting the failing paint early, you have the opportunity to save yourself thousands in extra work.

2.  Peeling paint under window sills and bottom of deck supports
Trim and window sills are also among the first to start showing their age.  Typically, due to their location on the home, window sills,  trim, and base boards will begin chipping and peeling before the rest of the house.  In Colorado, this can be accelerated due to snow sitting against the house that is then soaked up into unprotected or worn down wood.

3.  Fading and loss of color
“Honey, is it just me, or does the house not look like it used to?”  It probably isn’t just you.  After 5 or 6 years, most paint (especially dark paint) will lose its original color and begin to fade.  This fading will be most apparent on the sides of your home that see the most sunshine, the worst of which being the South and West sides of the home.

4.  Cracking along edges
There are many cracks and spaces on a home that cannot be filled simply with paint.  Painters filled these cracks with caulk before the house is painted.  As time goes by,  these borders can crack and begin to open up.  If this problem isn’t address, water will soak into the cracks and eventually lead to much bigger (and more expensive) problems.

5.  Rotting
Other than a bad case of termites, rotting is the worst thing that can happen to the wood on your home.  Rotting happens when wood absorbs water, causing it to soften and deteriorate.  When the wood on your house has turned dark brown or black and is soft to the touch, it is rotten.  Any rotten area will require complete replacement. if you’re not sure if you have rotted wood, make sure to ask your paint professional about any areas of concern.

If you notice any of these symptoms around your home, let Vivax Pros or your paint professional take a closer look to see how they can help. Your home is typically your largest investment. It is your responsibility to make sure that you assess damage and act quickly to ensure the life of your home. By keeping up with maintenance and properly budgeting for projects you will see the benefits of quality work and your home will thank you for it.