Sometimes it can be a headache dealing with your Home Owners Association. Of course they’re looking out for the best interests of the neighborhood but in some cases that comes at your expense!

Useful Tips:

First thing to do is find out the name of your HOA and the management company that they use. From there you can familiarize yourself with their rules and structure and possibly even get a general feel for how the painting process may go (Will it take 2 weeks or 2 months for approval?).

Take a look at their web site. Approval information as well as download-able forms can typically be found online. That’s usually a good place to be at in anticipation of the house painting companies who will be coming to give you a bid. Jeremiah Owen AKA Hey Paint Guy ( is the President of Vivax Pro Painting ( and he’s worked closely with HOAs for over 7 years. He likes to have his staff work closely with the Home Owners Association as well as the home owner to make sure the process goes smooth.

“We try to keep as much information as possible on all the HOAs in the Denver Metro area,” said Owen. “HOA information is often updated on a weekly basis. And our Project Planners can often answer questions right there at the estimate.”

Color Approval:

While visiting your HOA or management group web site you may find a list of pre-approved colors. That’s helpful because you can then head to the Kwal website for further assistance. For instance, head to and on the top right of your screen you can check out the ColorLife button. Click Homeowner, then Virtual Decorator and you’ll be on your way! (Remember: colors can be distorted on the web and may look different on the house. Hey Paint Guy highly recommends test quarts to confirm! Vivax Pro Painting customers may receive up to 4 free test quarts from Kwal once a contract is signed to paint. This can be the best way to show your HOA the colors on the house. Some associations require an “18 x “18 patch of paint on your house so the approval committee can come by and see for themselves.