Some helpful pointers and things you should know about color approval:

– Just because your neighbor was approved for the colors, doesn’t mean you will be. One example of this may be if a house to your left, right, behind or in front of you has the color scheme you want, there’s a chance you won’t get approved.

– Average approval time according to Hey Paint Guy is 30-60 days but in our experience in the Denver Metro Areas it’s usually along the lines of 2 weeks to 30 days. Again, you can alleviate some time by doing the things in this article.

– Pre-approved colors does not always mean you will be approved for those colors. It merely means that those colors are allowed. See pointer above for one example as to why it’s not a guarantee.

– Even if you are going with the same color scheme some HOAs still require approval. To find your color information, you can contact your HOA or the home builder to see if they have them on file.

– Be as thorough as possible with the colors you submit to the HOA. If you forget a color or make a mistake, sometimes the HOA will enforce that you restart the process.