Homeowners know a thing or two about the maintenance a home requires. It seems like there’s always something to do; either the deck needs to be re-stained, the sun has faded the paint you once loved or hail has left your gutters looking like they have the chicken pox. To make it worse it seems like you have to call a dozen different places and deal with several companies in order to get each little thing taken care of. With Vivax Pro we offer the convenience of being able to handle several, if not all, of your home improvement needs at once. With services including everything from interior/exterior painting and gutters, Vivax takes the stress away from dealing with several contractors; by bundling things you not only make the process easier on yourself by only dealing with one company, you can sometimes get a discount for multiple projects.

By keeping up with projects you can avoid it costing an arm and a leg later on down the road. It’s important to take care of projects that will only get worse as snow starts to come down in the winter. Take house painting for example, if you wait to get the ball rolling snow can pile up against your house and cause further damage to compromised siding and trim. Windows damaged from hail and left unattended to can decrease the efficiency of your home and lead to higher cooling and heating bills. When you stay on top of your home improvement projects it can save you the stress and cost of a rushed, last minute project.

Typically painting contractors book out anywhere from two weeks to a month in advance so getting an estimate as soon as possible can be the best move. It can set you up to take advantage of any promotions or discounts as well as give you time to make the really important decisions like choosing colors (which shade of gray really describes you as a person?). So long story short if you are thinking about taking care of some home improvement projects don’t put it off until the last minute, chances are there won’t be room in the schedule at that point and you run the risk of having to put it off for another year, furthering the damage to your home and your wallet.