With spring upon us, homeowners find themselves facing a daunting list of home improvement projects and the even more daunting task of budgeting for them. When it comes to home improvement projects, like painting, it can become a little overwhelming so here’s a guide to help with the budgeting process:

Costs can add up when you let your house go like this…

  1. Take a look at your home. With the snow melting now is a good time to step outside and assess the condition of your paint. If it’s been more than 5 years since your last paint job it’s probably time for a fresh coat. The Colorado snow and sun can be extremely harsh on the exteriors of our homes and as your biggest investment it’s important to stay on top of such projects to avoid costly damage later.
  2. Take note of what you see. If you notice any cracking, fading, peeling or any damaged trim it’s definitely time to take action!
  3. Research the companies. When it comes to budgeting for house painting you’re not only looking at price but quality. This is why you want to research the companies you are considering. Vivax Pro Painting has some of the best warranties in the business and an A+ rating from the BBB. You want to make sure you’re looking into credible professionals not some guy with a van.
  4. Set up a Free Estimate. After you’ve researched some companies it’s time to set up an estimate and get an idea of pricing. You want to make sure you can be there for the estimate so you get a really clear expectation for the painting process, not all paint jobs are created equal. This also insures that you don’t just have to take the estimators word for it if they suggest you need woodworking or your gutters need to be looked at, you can see it first hand with them. You’ll also want to ask companies how long their estimates are good for, Vivax for example offers estimates that are good for an entire season and it’s often cheaper to get the estimate earlier in the year.
  5. Budget for your house painting. Now that you’ve gotten some estimates it’s time to start thinking about your timing and finances. With quality and pricing in mind you want to consider your options and see what you would need to put aside each month in order to paint within your desired timeframe. You can also take this opportunity to look at the payment options of each company and see which would fit best with your finances. Vivax Pro Painting doesn’t take any payment until the project is completed and you are completely satisfied whereas other companies may require you to put down a down payment before they can even start painting.

Remember, your home is your largest investment and a place you should be able to enjoy with your family. By staying on top of and budgeting for projects like painting you’ll be able to take care of home improvements and increase the value of your home in the most cost effective way. Here is a link to our blog article about costs associated with painting.