You’ve explored the art of painting. You’ve exhausted yourself searching the internet for “How-to” videos. And you’ve walked the outside of the house scratching your head in anticipation of painting on your own. You’re next thought: Forget it, I’m bringing in a pro.

No big deal, you’ve decided that the value of your time in addition to the cost of paint and supplies may not be worth it. It’s now time to pick the right painter. That’s easier said than done. Unless you’ve got a Pro Guide like the one Vivax Pro Painting offers. Their face of the company, Hey Paint Guy, is a pro painter himself. It’s taken him years to learn the trade but now he offers his help free of charge.

Here are a few pointers that really just make up the tip of the iceberg when it comes to picking the right painter:

1. Do your homework! Online ratings are a great way to get a feel for a companies reputation (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). Don’t just look at what the paint company posts from their customers on their own web site!

2. NO FINE PRINT on warranties. This goes without saying in any industry but it certainly applies to house painting.

3. No skimping on paint. If you want the paint job to weather the winter, you’d better make sure the painter is going to use the right paint. Top of the line paint from Kwal (Ambassador or Liquid Vinyl) would be good examples.

There are so many other things to consider. Hey Paint Guy has come up with a 28-point checklist.