WOW! Who would’ve guessed the science that goes into social media marketing? Like the gazillion other companies out there, we have turned to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others to help get the word out. Take Facebook for example…what was once a casual site for keeping in touch online has now turned into a mass media opportunity. And trust me when I say this, IT’S FOR THE BETTER! It’s almost like a one stop shop. Say hi to a friend, check out the newest Facebook video game, give a little shout-out with a status update and then shop the sales with the ads they have on there.

Take our page for instance. We set up a profile, group AND business profile. You can friend us, join our group and/or “Like” our page. We’ve done this to create a platform for free home improvement tips. We’ll be offering those up in addition to painting tidbits and other pointless info. Well maybe not pointless but how else would you categorize half your friends’ status updates? You’ll soon be able to see customer feedback, discussions and videos there on our Facebook. If you’re interested, head there after you read the rest of my rant(! And if you’re in a tweeting mood, we’re on there as well (

Back to the science part of social media marketing. There are so many interesting ways you can learn how to optimize social media to grow your company or group. Our company has been following the videos of Don Crowther, the cheesy guy who runs Social Profit Formula ( May be worth checking out. Or another good read is the blog by one of our proud customers Gina Schreck.

Let us know what you’re experience with social media is and what has worked for you. We’re all in the same boat when it comes to the sea of social media.