Last week we were honored and humbled to be the recipients of the Denver Business Journal’s 2017 Best Place to Work! We were up against a lot of amazing local Colorado companies, and want to extend congratulations to every organization who made it onto this prestigious list. Together we are all a part of what makes Colorado the best place to live!

We took last week’s all-team meeting to discuss what this award means for us as a company; and we came up with some key points on why we think we’re such a great place to work:

  • We hire to fit culture, not fill seats

It’s easy to try to hire a whole bunch of people fill vacant spots in the company, but at Vivax we take special care to hire people that match our values, and work well with the people around them.  We choose to surround ourselves with people who inspire us, both inside the office and out; with a team like that you can’t help but succeed.

  • “You can’t fake caring.”

At Vivax, family means more than just your relatives. When you care about and respect everyone you work with, you want to work your hardest. You want everyone around you to have the tools to succeed, and you know that everyone is doing the same for you.

  • Great leaders, not just bosses

It’s inspiring and uplifting to see Jeremiah -our owner and CEO- in the office everyday, working just as hard as we are, and always taking time to lend an ear or answer a question. Having an open door (actually, no door at all) policy makes it easy to feel like your voice is heard, and you are constantly encouraged to take initiative. By working with people who live by these values, we find ourselves surrounded by coaches and mentors, not just bosses.

It can be tempting to rest on your laurels after winning an award like this, but we choose to take this opportunity to drive us continually forward. As the meeting came to a close, Jeremiah gave us these words to reflect on:

“Vivax is still a relatively young company. I won’t be here when we’re a 100 year old company, but I want to build a company that lasts beyond all of us. With that in mind, it’s impossible to stay complacent. Right now we’re 6 minutes into a 60 minute game, there’s a lot more winning to be had. We have a long, fun road ahead of us.”

Here’s to another great year at “Best Place to Work!”