Composite Decks

trex deck

Composite decks are great for families and homes where the deck will get a lot of use. These are sturdy decks that are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty! Your design can include fire pits and outdoor kitchens, to truly make it like another room on your home. Whether it’s Spring, Summer or Fall, your deck is an inviting place. Composite will bear the Colorado elements.

Composite decks, with a color of your choosing, do not require regular staining or complicated upkeep, because they are made of recycled wood and compressed plastic with a very tough outer shell. The effortless upkeep means that these decks will maintain their form and beauty with very little maintenance from you. A little soap and water every now and then, and your space will continue shining!

The choice to go with composite versus wood will depend on the way you want to use the deck, and how you envision your new deck’s look and feel. Help us imagine your vision with you, and our team will put together options to choose from, within your budget.


Brands of Composite Decking that we use:

  • Trex
  • Timbertech
  • Fiberon
  • Evergrain

We know that enhancing your outdoor living space can be a big decision with endless options. Our goal is to provide every homeowner with reliable information and services they can depend on. Vivax Pros deck department takes care of all the logistics and permitting, so the excitement of updating your home continues through the entire process.