Decorate For: Spring


Flowers are blooming, the sun is out, and now’s the best time to start using your new custom built deck. If you’re looking for inspiration to decorate, we’re here to help!


Designing your outdoor oasis can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. You just want it to be perfect and there are always so many options! There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure you have the relaxing backyard of your dreams.


Start with Neutrals


A neutral furniture base is the best place to start. Having a neutral base is like having a blank canvas, you can always add small pops of color to give it life! The best thing about starting neutral is that  you can easily switch out those pops of color with different schemes without changing up the big costly things.


Adding Plants


Plants are an easy and simple addition. Planters hanging off your railing are great way to add color in the spring! Choose colorful flowers like tulips, daffodils or an herb like lavender. It’ll brighten your area up and have it smelling fresh. Have a pergola? Add some hanging planters to the top or vines to grow around the posts. With time, it will grow to be your perfect area to sit back and relax.


Fire Pits


With springtime being the craziest time of the year with weather, its best to be prepared for all temperatures. Fire pits make your deck usable even when the sun goes down and starts to get chilly. Get even cozier with an outdoor rug to help keep that homey feeling outdoors.


Do these simple steps and the inspiration will start coming to you in no time. You’ll be able to enjoy your custom built deck by Vivax Pros to its fullest potential.