Preparing for Your Custom Deck

Posted: June 27, 2018

Preparing for Your Custom Deck


At Vivax Pros, we want to make the deck building process as easy for you as possible. We love to give as much information as we can from start to finish so you feel comfortable every step of the way. With every home improvement project, the most important step is planning. We want make sure you think of everything, so here are some important things to consider when you’re thinking about building a custom deck!


Know Your Siding Material


We can build a deck against anything, however the material does determine different things. Before calling in to schedule your estimate, note if your home is made with regular siding or if it’s made with stucco, brick or stone. We’ve built decks against many different types, but it always helps us determine how to ledger the deck for you.




Have an existing concrete patio but want a deck instead? There are few different options with what you can do. We can either build over the concrete or demo and build the deck in the new area. Safety is our number one concern so if you want to build over, we will have to end up coring through the concrete to make sure the deck is supported.




Knowing the space where you want to build is also a great tool. Is it a flat space that could handle anything? Or is there a substantial amount of grading that might need to be excavated. The range of custom decks we can build is very large, however if you’re looking to do a concrete and pergola combo, grading can be an obstacle. One that we can handle of course.



What county you are in can make a difference in time frame. We always try to accommodate time frames, however when it comes to permits, it is dependent on your county. If you know your timeframe, take in account the time it can take to pull a permit. Our estimates are good for one year, so it’s a great tool for the planning process.




We always recommend using Google or Pintrest to find designs and inspiration for your projects. We can build the custom deck of your dreams here at Vivax Pros, but knowing the styles and designs you like will always help along the process. We always have deck experts to help guide you along the way to building your dream oasis.