Our New “Normal” for COVID-19 House Painting

Posted: April 17, 2020

Dear Colorado Friends and Family,

It is a crucial time to support local businesses. Like so many others, we are doing our best to navigate through our new “normal”. Fortunately, our business and ability to serve clients can easily be tweaked to follow all the necessary steps for COVID-19 house painting in order to keep everyone safe and healthy!

Precautions for Exterior Estimates;

All estimates are done with social distancing measures and face masks. We will come out, take a walk around the home, take measurements, look at any wood rot on the home (if necessary), and give you an exact price. We will meet you outside and stand 6 feet away to point out any areas of your home that need specific attention and go over the bid digitally.

Precautions for Interior Estimates;

All estimates are done virtually, via facetime or over the phone, whatever you are comfortable with. We will go over our process and guide you through measurements. Once we get your numbers we then give you pricing. We also can do a color consultation over the phone as well! This requires no in person contact. 

We are following all guidelines from the CDC and monitoring the situation closely. We understand your concern and are right there with you. We would love to come by and give you a sense of normalcy in a time like this. Give us a call if you have an hour of time for the estimate. We are doing our BIGGEST DISCOUNT EVER (in 16 years in business)! 

Thank you for your support,

Vivax Pros Painting