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VP of Production, Vivax Vision Team Hometown: Fort Pierre, SD Education: Biology, University of Colorado - Denver Favorite Quote: “Happiness isn’t a place, it’s a system you put into place.” About Me:
 I left the ranch and headed west when I was 18 in pursuit of adventure.  I quickly fell in love with the mountains, rivers, music, and trails of Colorado.  My life ambitions are to swim in every ocean, to ride every major river, to walk the trails, and to catch a sunset from every continent with my wife, 4 daughters, 6 nieces & nephews.  I have a passion for learning and teaching all modalities of self discovery & healing with meditation, yoga, breath work, creative visualization, and affirmations.  Some of my favorite places on planet earth are the Redwoods, Bali, Moab, & Japan. Favorite hobby is reading & studying about new discoveries & ancient beliefs around who we think we are as a society.

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